A.J. Brown: We’re not an All-Star team, but we could be in the future

Eagles running back Miles Sanders didn’t downplay his feelings about the team’s roster during a recent interview.

Sanders said the Eagles players “feel like we’re on an All-Star team” and that they are “unstoppable” after the acquisition of wide receiver A.J. Brown and other players this offseason. Brown had his own chance to weigh in on Sanders’ comments while replying to a story on Twitter.

“He’s excited about what this team could be,” Brown wrote. “We all are. But we’re not An All-Star team. We definitely could be with years to come. We have [to] strap up our pads and prove it every year and that’s what we plan to do! #1Weekatatime.”

The Eagles made it into the playoffs last season and their offseason moves appear to have improved the team in several areas, so excitement about what’s to come is to be expected. Brown’s comments serve as a good reminder that work needs to be done to convert July excitement into results in the fall.