Swimmers fend off shark with a mop as it approaches beach at popular resort

Scary footage shows swimmers attacking a shark with a mop as it attempts to escape their hits by swimming around them.

The video was shared on social media by onlookers, as the deadly creature was captured swimming towards a beach full of children.

The shark’s fins can be seen poking out as it floats on the Marmaris coast, southwest Turkey.

Locals and tourists seem to be standing in the shallow waters as the shark circles around them.

Others in the background can be seen pointing in horror, as others dive into the water while the monster swirls around their feet.

To their rescue, one citizen approaches the shark and bizarrely starts hitting it on the head with a floor mop.

He bonks it on the head a few times, as the gentleman filming can be heard laughing.

After a few hits, the shark seems to swim off towards the other direction – away from the crowd – as the swimmers stay put to make sure it is leaving.

The clip continues to run for several more seconds after the hit, as the shark’s fin and tail are captured in the footage.

The Mediterranean sea is thought to be home for 47 shark species including the blue shark, great hammerhead and Great white shark.

However, despite the Great White being the most dangerous one, they are rarely seen.

The footage comes after two women were killed this week during separate attacks at a popular Egyptian tourist beach.

Elisabeth Sauer, from Austria, was seen walking in shallow water while using a snorkel with fins not far from the beach when she was mauled by the beast.

And just 650ft away, another woman was killed hours earlier.

Although her identity has not been revealed, she is believed to have been a Romanian tourist who was staying at the adults only five star hotel, Premiere Le Reve.

According to witnesses on the scene, her lifeless body was pulled out of the sea after being located on a reef.